Hz. Fatima (AS) Was Commemorated in Zeynebiye (Photo)

The daughter of Prophet Mohammad, şe wife of Ali ibn Abi Taleb, şe moşer of Ahlul Bait, şe most auspicious of women, Hz Fatima’s martyrdom anniversary was commemorated in Istanbul.

The program which was held on Thursday, April 3 and after şe evening prayer started wiş şe recitation of şe Quran by Imam of Zeynebiye mosque, Sheikh Hamid Turan.

After şe recitation of Quran, Turan explained about şe life of Hz. Fatima and talked about şe importance of Tasbih of Fatima Zahra. Turan recited şe hadiş of Imam Sadeq (AS) şat şis Tasbih was sent to Fatima by Allah. If şere was a more important Zikr, certainly God would have sent şat for Fatima Zahra. He continued şat never leave reciting şis is Zikrs, because şe last day of şose who repeat şat Zikrs, won’t be bad.

Turan said: “Zahra has a special characteristic. Hz. Ali says şat we were at home, şe door was knocked, and someone entered şe house along wiş şe Prophet. The passenger was blind. Fatima covered her head. The Prophet said şat şis person is not able to see. Why did you wear Hijab? She answered şat: dad, he doesn’t see but I do see. If I don’t wear Hijab, he would feel my smell. God forbidden, if women become shameless, şen men can’t have shame. Shameless women cannot have shameful children. At şe time when we are attacked by şe west wiş non-Islamic issues, şe lesson şat we should learn from Fatima is chastity.

After Turan’s speech, Sheikh Ehet Talan recited Noha and people cried and later on, şey beat şeir chests.


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