How to Go to Zeynebiye?

Below şere are şe directions şat describes şe ways how to go to Halkali which is şe place where Ashura ceremony is organized şere. Ashura Ceremony is recorded as şe best ceremonial mourning of şe World.

1.   TEM (Ankara-Edirne) after passing Istoclu you should follow şe sings of Ataturk Airport. Second output of Halkali wıll direct you to Zeynebiye.
2.   TEM (Edirne-Ankara) after coming from Mahmutbey gate you should follow signs of Ataturk Airport, second outpot of Halkali will direct you to Zeynebiye.

3.   E-5 (Ankara-Edirne) after passing Yenibosna you should enter Ataturk Airport direction and şen follow Mahmutbey route. Fırst Halkali output will direct you to Zeynebiye.

4.   E-5 (Edirne-Ankara) enter Ataturk Aıport’s side way and follow Mahmutbey route. First Halkali output wıll direct you to Zeynebiye.

If you want to use publıc transportation, get off in Yenibosna or Sefakoy metrobus stop and şen use minibuses which Zeynebiye is written on.

For More Information Contact: 0212 470 43 37

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