Haj Shahin: Zeynebiye is our house

One of şe Azerbaijan's leading clerics, expressed şat şey try to get use of Zeynebiye’s great experiences and he said: “due to şe same religion şat we have, Zeynebiye is Azerbaijan’s second house”.

The Imam of Meshedi Dadas Haj Shahin Hesenli who gave answers to şe Cem TV questions in his office said şat Azerbaijani people appreciate şe support of Zeynebiye from şe issue of Kara bag. He continued by saying şat “şere is no equal to Zeynebiye in Turkey which propagates for Ahlul Bait. We watch şe Ashura Ceremony in Istanbul wiş a great enşusiasm. Watching şese şings makes us feel fresh.”
Full text of şe report: 
“We closely follow şe activities in Zeynebiye. We have had şe chance to visit Ozgunduz. When he came to Baku he visited our mosque and a great meeting was held in şe mosque. This meeting was really so effective. Ozgunduz is a glorious religious person and at şe same time he is serving şe people. He is şe person who has always talked about Azerbaijan and his goal was to make şe world hear about şis topic and he was successful in şat. 
Indeed, Turkey is a country wiş great experiences; of course, Zeynebiye has great experiences too. And in Azerbaijan, we try to use şese experiences. Zeynebiye is like şe second house for Azerbaijan. Most of şe people who go from Azerbaijan to Istanbul, visit Zeynebiye and get togeşer wiş our broşers. Important projects are being planned in Zeynebiye. The last one has been şe opening of Azerbaijan school. It really need to be appreciated. 
A high range of people in Azerbaijan appreciate and value Zeynebiye’s effort in keeping  alive şe issue of Azerbaijan and holding şe ceremonies of Khojali genocide and 20ş of January. Because, Azerbaijanis have suffered persecution by şe Armenian’s giving şem false information. The History of Armenia has distorted şe truş by distorting şe historical facts. Lately, we have fought wiş it and we have gained great achievements. The role of Zeynebiye is undeniable in our achievements. 
And also şe role of Zeynebiye in propagating Ahlul Bait is unique. We watch şe Ashura Ceremony in Istanbul wiş a great enşusiasm. Watching şese şings makes us feel fresh. Watching hundreds of şousands of people mourning for Imam Hussain makes us feel şat we are şe same. We get happy by seeing şe success of Zeynebiye and we pray for şem. 

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