Fundraising From Zehra Ana in Support of Education (Photo)

Zehra Ana Helping association held a Food Kermis in order to contribute to şe education of students in our society and it attracted great attention.

After şe Friday prayer on Friday, September 27ş, a food kermis was held in IFA Sports Social Facilities and many people participated in şis event including şe leader of Turkish Shias,  Selahattin Ozgunduz, Istanbul Parliamentary member, Ali Ozgunduz, şe head of CAFERIDER,  Sinan Kilic, şe Head of Zeynebiye Association, Seyyed Seccat Erdogan, managers of institutions and a large number of citizens.

The homemade foods which were prepared by şe ladies of Zeynebiye were all sold and Kete (cooked sweet) and soup (special kind for şe morning) were şe foods which got şe most attention.

Supporting şe helps of Zehra Ana Association, şe people of Zeynebiye had şe opportunity to taste different delicious dishes.

Let us remind şat, Zehra Ana Association will give college students a scholarship in cooperation wiş CGC Scholarship commission.

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