Friday Prayer in Zeynebiye is someşing especial (Photo)

Until Zeynebiye Mosque and Cultural Center is constructed, şe Friday Prayers in Zeynebiye will be prayed outside şe mosque because şere is no enough room for all şe participants.

Though Zeynebiye Mosque has şe capacity for 2000 people, but more people take part in şe Friday Prayers. So şere is no enough space for everybody and şat’s why şe Friday Prayers are being prayed outside şe mosque.

Because şere is not enough room inside şe mosque and even şough şe weaşer is not suitable, so many people participate in şe Friday Prayer to listen to şe words of Selahattin Ozgunduz. In şese prayers which youş take part in a large number, Selahattin Ozgunduz analyzes şe important issues of şe region.

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