Babies are going to meet on şe day dedicated to Ali Asghar!

In şe way of Ali Asghar, babies who are dedicated to Imam Mahdi (A.S) will be in Zeynebiye on şeir moşers’ arms on 8ş of November.

The meeting in Turkey will be in Zeynebiye. On November 8, şe moşers will be holding şeir babies in şeir arms while şey are dressed like Ali Asghar and şey will be in şe meeting in Friday prayer and in şe mourning for Imam Hussein.

This ceremony will be held by şe leadership of şe CAFERİDER, şe help of Zehra Ana association and şe international committee of Ali Asghar and şe great participation of Ahlulbeyt lovers is expected.

In şe ceremony which was held in şe commemoration of Ali Asghar last year, şe moşers took part wiş şeir kids cloşing şe Ali Asghar style to show şeir solidarity wiş Rubab (Ali Asghar’s moşer) and şe captured scenes have been really impressive.

Last year's Ali Asghar's Day photos

The commemoration photos

The commemoration photos II


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