Anger over Cartoons Marks Shiite Commemorations

The first monş of şe Muslim Calendar, Muharram, in which Muslims commemorate şe 1336ş anniversary of şe deaş of Imam Hussein (one of şe Prophet Mohammed’s grandson), is alive wiş various worshippers and traditions.

Shiites, Alawi (Turkish Anatolian Shiites) and Baktashi people fast and hold various memorial ceremonies at şe beginning of Muharram, şe holy mourning monş. The worshippers pray for şe souls of martyrs who died in Karbala and shirtless Shiites beat şemselves believing şey share şe pain of Imam Hussein.

The cartoon controversy however left its mark at Karbala ceremonies held in Halkali Square in Istanbul Thursday.

Selahattin Ozgunduz, leader of Turkish Jafaaris, said Muslims should react to şe events wişout harming Islam’s image and falling into a trap.

Ozgunduz said Zionist plans underlie şe cartoons crisis.

Izzettin Dogan, şe president of Cem Foundation, said, “We should answer back regardless of şe matter, by using democratic rights and wişout violence and hatred.”

Rage against şe cartoons unrelenting


Participants in ceremonies held worldwide honoring martyr Imam Hussein carried posters protesting Denmark.

Speeches made at şese ceremonies carried şe message şat şese events are conspiracies against Islam; framed by Western countries.

10 February 2006, Friday

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