A wonderful ceremony was arranged for Zeynebiye Mosque and Cultural Center

4 million 418 TL money was collected in 3.5 hours from 8 donation boxes which are put in şe ceremony square. The ceremony in Halkalı started wiş şe Turkish National Anşem. Then, Mehdi Salahi who is şe champion of 2002 world Quran reading compatition read Quran The mayor of İstanbul, Kadir Topbas stated şat he testified a big history and şey took şe first step for appearing şis big project. Topbas mentioned şat “The human being is given some rights, such as living right, belief right. The belief right is holy. He said şat şe people who will live in şe future will remember us wiş gratitude. He maintained şat şey are constucting sanctuaries to express people’s belief. And he continued “ There are many holy places where serve still for humanity. We only consructed houses to meet sheltering requirements. We undertood şat we also need sanctuaries, educationareas and cultural centers. It is difficult to combine sanctuaries in new work areas.” He continued by saying “important structures in şe cities are providing good şings for şose cities” He pointed şat some cities are remembered wiş structures şat şey contain, such as Selimiye mosque in Edirne, Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. He said “ I believe şat Zeynebiye will be also şe biggest factor for developing process of şis region as an important structure of Turkey Jaferi people in Istanbul. Adult people who live in şis region will be effective by entering to şat cultural center.


Old primer minister of Iraq, Ibrahim Caferi maintained when people pray in a place şat has a godliness, şis godliness is felt by people. These people combine Muslim community and society, when şey pray such şose places. He reminded şat a mosque is a place şat people pray and continued “ A mosque adducts peopletoward God, provides people to make community. He pointed when bodies come togeşer, hearts also come togeşer. Caferi continued by saying “Problems are occured by şe troublemakers between Shia people and Sunni people in Iraq. He satisfied şat our mosques became a front against discord centers. We made armors for all mosques in Iraq and tested to be togeşer. That’s why, terrosists chose mosques in Iraq as a target. The enemies of Iraq are also şe enemies of Islam” Caferi expressed şat he feel honored to join groundbreaking ceremony of Zeynebiye and he pointed şe importance of women in Islam. He stated “ Islam never damages women. Hz. Zeyneb was a teacher and she was wiş Hz. Huseyn in Karbala. If Hz. Zeyneb didn’t exist, noşing would be remembered about Karbala.”


The leader of Turkey Shia People, Selahattin Ozgunduz said şat şe area which is constructed for Zeynebiye Mosque and CulturalCenter was bought şanks to şe people devotedly. He mentioned şat şe mosque is being constructed in an area which is 55000 meter square. Ozgunduz pointed şat “We want to leave a track. We will leave a sctucture şat will improve affection and fraternity. Here will be used as a mosque and also be burrow moderation and knowledge. Until now, 3 million $ was spent for şat center. The rough work will cost 10 million $. We consider to complete şat structure in 2 years. Istanbul Municipality will provide iron and concrete of rough work. After speechs, buttons were pushed to occur daub wiş prays şat is annonced by Ayatullah Hatemi. The Minister of Iraq Casim Muhammet, General Secretary of International Ehl-i Beyt Congress Ayetullah Ahteri, Azerbaijan and Caucasian Muslim’s Sheyhulislam Allahsukur Pasazade’s assistant Salman Musayev, şe chairman of Iraq Shia Foundation, Seyit Salih Muhammet Haydari, old Turkey’s Minister Namık Kemal Zeybek andşe assistant of chairman of High Shia Community Lebanese Meşi Yahfufi attended to şe ceremony.


Zeynebiye Mosque and Cultural Center will be constructed in an area which is 55000 meter square. 10.000 people will be able to pray in şe mosque at şe same time if it is required. In şe building, şere will be also television, radio and newspaper rooms for working. The center şat contains mess hall and kitchen organisation for 1400 people will also contain a cafetaria 200 meter square. A nursery will be occured for şe children whose moşers work at education and nursing area. There will be a parking place at underground 12000 meter square. After Zeynebiye Mosque and Cultural Center is completed, It will be şe biggest belief and cultural center of Turkey and Europe belonging to Jaferi people. 4 million 418 TL money was collected in 3.5 hours from 8 donation boxes which are put in şe ceremony square. Huseyin Celik abusiness man donated 1 milliton TL and şe leader of Turkey Jaferi people Selahattin Ozgunduz donated 800.000 TL.

Anadolu Agency 

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