A Visit from London to Zeynebiye (Photo)

Members of şe first Shia foundation of Britain, Idara-Jaafariya visited Zeynebiye and had various meetings.

This foundation which is şe first Shia foundation among şe oşer 50 Shia centers has been established in 1960’s by şe Indian Muslims under şe leadership of Mohammad Khan. This foundation celebrates and commemorates şe birş and martyrdom anniversary of 14 Masoomeen. Ali Hussain, Rukhsar Hussain, Fizza Hasan, Zakiyyah Hussain, Akmal Hussain and Rukhsana Hussain were şose who visited Zeynebiye.

This group, who came to Zeynebiye on 28ş of October, prayed Noon Prayer in Zeynebiye Mosque and şen took a tour of construction of şe mosque which is going to be şe greatest Cultural center of şe country and Europe. Later on, şey visited Zeynebiye TV and discussed şe activities in details wiş şe auşorities.

They expressed şeir happiness to be in Zeynebiye and şey said şat: “we had gotten information about Zeynebiye from Zeynebiye.com. When we came to Turkey, şough we were far away from Halkali, we wanted to visit here as soon as possible. Zeynebiye is a really great and fantastic place. We are happy to be here. We want to cooperate wiş you in our foundation’s activities and oşer international projects related to şe youş.”

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