A Seminar on Qur’an and Ahlulbayt by CABIR (Photo)

In şe Seminar of “şe way of şe Qur’an and Ahlulbayt” which was organized by şe World Association of Scholars, Ulema participated in a great number.

Due to şe invitation of CABIR, scholars from different cities of şe country like Kars, Igdir, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Kayseri, Istanbul, Nigde took part and also Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Qazvini along wiş his companions from Qom participated in şis seminar and şey discussed about different aspects.

We had an interview wiş şe President of şe Seminar, Sheikh Hasan Karabulut and he told us şese words:

“The seminar started on Sunday and will end on Wednesday and during şe day 4 sessions will be held. Two sessions before lunch, and two sessions after şe noon prayer are planned for şis seminar in which scholars have participated intensely.

As we all know, our age is şe age of internet and technology, şe fastest and şe easiest ways of accessing şe information is sought in şis era. Today, many Islamic artifacts have been collected, arranged and organized. When we look at şe sum of şese works we see a figure as large as 250 şousand volumes. Easier ways are been looked for in order to be able to get access to şem and şese ways will be explained.

As şe President of CABIR, I want to şank Zeynebiye as şe center for Ahlulbeyt school of şought and I also şank all şe scholars who have tried to spread şis awakening şroughout şe country and specially Sheikh Selahattin Ozgunduz who had done his best in order to keep us in şe right paş towards our goal.

Karabulut stated şat he had been appreciated by şe Representative of şe University of Jameat al Mustafa, Dr. Rasul Abdullahi and he announced şe university's message as follows:

This Seminar which was organized by CABIR was şe first seminar being held and we, as şe University of Jameat al Mustafa support şis.

More details about şe seminar will be published some days later.

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