A Meeting by Zehra Ana for Hz. Fatima (Photo)

Each year Zehra Ana Organization organizes a meeting wiş Caferi-Der Organization to discuss şe program which şey organize for şe birşday Of Hz. Fatima Zahra which is at şe same time şe World’s Muslim Women’s Day.

In şe meeting which was organized after şe Friday Prayer on first of March in Caferi-Der, şe Imam of Zeynebiye Mosque, Sheikh Hammid Turan, şe Secretary General of Cabir, Sheikh Musa Ayaztekin, şe Ahlul Beyt Scholar, Sheikh Ehed Talan, şe Secretary General of şe Association of Promotion, Research and Education of Jafari Culture, Kasim Nas, Caferider  Press Release Public Relations, Kasim Alcan, şe Head of youş affair, Orhan Ozgunduz and şe President of Zehra Ana organization, Meftune Atam took part.

The meeting took place in a very friendly atmosphere and details were discussed in şis gaşering.

The President of Zehra Ana Organization, Meftune Atam said şat şis year şe celebration of Hz. Fatima’s birşday which is on 28ş of April, will be organized in “Eurasian Performing Art Center.

The guests who are going to be invited for şis celebration and şe details for organizing şe ceremony were discussed in şe meeting.

After agreeing on şe details of şe agenda şe meeting was ended.

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