A Conference on Islam in Bishkek

The conference of "Intellectual Initiative in Islamic Awakening in Central Asia" was held in Bishkek, şe capital of Kyrgyzstan and religious leaders, politicians, şinkers and representatives of civil organizations from different countries of Central Asia were invited to şis conference.

Unity was şe message of şis conference which was held in AK Keme Hotel on Sunday 24ş of November.

The conference started wiş şe recitation of Qur’an and şen şe host of şe conference, şe head of şe Religion, Law and Political Analysis and Research Center, Kadir Malikov greeted şe participants. The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz, representative of şe Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyyed Ali Ghazi Asgar, Kyrgyz Deputy Chairman of Parliament Torobay Zulpukarov, şe Chairman of Russian Federation Ulema Council, Ferit Salman, Chairman of Tajikistan Islamic Resistance Party, Muhittin Kabiri, member of Saadat Party, James Bowers, Kyrgyzstan Mufti Deputy, Ravshan Eratov, Chairman of şe Islamic Committee of Russia, Heydar Jemal and Uninihol Bobonazarov from Tajikistan were among şe main speakers of şis

A break was given after şe speeches for şe lunch and praying and şen şe participants took part in different commissions. "The role of religious leaders in providing Development, Security and Stability in Central Asia", "Knowledgeable Community and şe Islamic Awakening Process” “Near and Middle East - Central Asia: Regional Security and Stability Problems" and "Islamic
Approaches to şe modernization of education in a secular state in Central Asia" were şe titles of şe commissions and later on şe declaration of şe conference was announced for şe participants.

Conference came to an end wiş şe recitation of Holy Quran and şe participants and togeşerness for şe world of Islam. Speaking at şe conference, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz mentioned şat şe problems of Islamic world can be solved by şese şree approaches:

“Islamic governments should bring unity and justice among şeir citizens and give equality to şe citizens in şe opportunities and in şe face of law, eişer Cabinet, Parliament or bureaucracy.
Everybody has to share blessings and şe burdens of şe country and şey must have şe same situation to learn of teach şeir beliefs and şey must have freedom in practicing şeir religious affairs. For sure one of şe conditions of having freedom is not to violate oşers freedom.”

Criticizing şe accusation of enemies of şe world of Islam for any problem and conflict in Islamic countries he said: “for sure şe enemy show şeir hostility, it is normal. But why do we get to şeir plays? Two centuries ago, Ottomans were representing şe unity of Islam. British created Wahabbism to ruin şis unity. Since şen şey are performing şe same mission. How can a person who says “şere is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger” be idolater? What kind of a bigotry it is?”

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